About Summit

Summit Personal Training was started in September 2014.  The focus of Summit Personal Training is on EFFECTIVE training.

As a competitive stair climber, I often saw people work themselves very hard, displaying a ton of motivation and willpower, grinding out workouts, and making mediocre gains.  The problem is most people are working hard at the WRONG things.  It's kinda like climbing a huge ladder to get to a window in a building but the ladder is resting against the wrong building. You can climb that ladder fast and hard but you're at the wrong building my friend, A for effort but C- for results.

At Summit we only care about results.  We do the right training at the right intensity and we get RESULTS. We don't waste time with ineffective training. Have you ever seen a typical training session in a box gym??  At Summit, we don't sit around and gossip, we aren't here to pat ourselves on the back simply for spending time in the gym, we get to work.   

Email: bradyrenshaw@gmail.com

Cell: 630-945-1963

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