Training Tips

TIP #1

YOU AGAINST YOU - Don't compare yourself to anyone else.  It's you against yourself.  If you just make one better life decision or pick up one good habit today, you're now better than you were yesterday.  Keep improving.  Don't try too hard.  If it isn't a pace you can sustain, it won't last.  Be steadfast.  

TIP #2
CONSISTENCY - People typically get a lot of willpower and go hard for a month or two then burn-out (they do the same thing with diets, and this is why diets don't work).  After a few weeks or months of inactivity, they get a new surge of motivation and go hard again, then burn-out and fade.  What happens?  Gains from these hard periods diminish and disappear. But the person who shows up for only 10 minutes a day EVERY day will be far more fit than the person cranking out 1 hour training sessions and burning out.  So get into a SUSTAINABLE workout routine!!!  Don't bite off more than you can chew.  It's just like diet, if you cannot sustain the routine it's worthless.  If all you do every day is 50 push-ups and 60 seconds of planks that trumps an hour in the gym that leads to burn out.   

TIP #3

GET PUMPED - Play that song you like, repeat that phrase that gets you motivated.  Find something that lights a fire and use it !!!  One of my favorites before a big race is a little video called "Rise and Shine".    Use whatever works for you !!!

TIP #4

WARNING!  SLIPPERY SLOPE - What happens when you cut corners?  So what if you eat just one donut or you skip just one workout ???  It's human to cheat on healthy eating. Motivation for workouts ebbs and flows so it's normal to want to skip the occasional workout.  But remember, and this is very important: IF YOU DO IT ONCE, YOU WILL DO IT AGAIN.  Do not enable yourself and don't rationalize your poor decisions.  Do you want to succeed with your training and your healthy eating?? Then kick the habit of allowing poor decisions and start holding yourself accountable.  

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